New Horizons Foundation - How You Can Help

pic2 There are many ways to help the New Horizons Foundation. You can make a gift, sponsor an event, attend an event or volunteer your time.

To help guarantee the agency’s success far beyond the 21st century, a New Horizons Endowment Fund has been established with The Community Foundation of Dutchess County. The fund is solely for the support of New Horizons Resources, Inc., and the necessary programs and services provided by the agency. For more information about the New Horizons Endowment Fund, please visit the Community Foundation’s website at or call New Horizons at 845-473-3000 ext. 322. Gifts can also be made directly to the New Horizons Foundation.If you would like to donate by credit card (American Express, Mastercard, Visa or Discover) or PayPal, just click the "Make a Gift" button on the left.

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