New Horizons Resources, Inc
Unifying Principles

New Horizons Resources, Inc. embraces and measures itself against the following principles which guide us in the work we do:

Integrity: doing the right thing for the right reason, telling the truth and providing a positive example of ethical and principle-based behavior.

Respect: : honoring diverse backgrounds and exhibiting a high level of regard, courtesy and commitment to everyone's dignity and rights.

Positive Relationships: building strong, healthy bonds with co-workers and Encouraging responsible choice and self-determination with people we serve. New Horizons Resources, Inc. practices compassion, enthusiasm, active listening, with clarity of information sharing, constructive problem solving, cooperative teamwork and responsibility.

Innovation: questioning the status quo, building on current success and offering new ways to improve the system of supports as well as one's performance.

Learning: committing ourselves to continuous quality improvement of self and task outcomes, advancing understanding and applying skills effectively.

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