Enabling the potential of people with developmental disabilities, enriching our communities

Job Opportunities at NHR Dutchess County as of 05/17/2024

Pleasant Valley, NY - ALBRECHT
DSP Full Time
• Wed-Sun 3p-11p (23-048)

DSP Part Time
• Sun 8a-5p, Mon 8a-7p (24-003)

Amenia, NY - AMENIA
DSP Part Time
• Sun-Wed 4pm-9pm (23-123)

Clinton Corners, NY - CLINTON
DSP Full Time
• Sun-Thurs 3p-11p (23-174)
• Fri 3p-11p, Sat 11a-11p, Sun/Mon 1p-11p (23-178)
• Tues-Fri 11p-9a (23-254)
• Thurs-Mon 11p-7a (24-001)

Poughkeepsie, NY - CREAM STREET
Residence Coordinator
• Wed/Sat 8a-4p, Tues 10a-6p, Thur 7a-3p, Fri 11a-7p (24-071)

DSP Full Time
• Fri-Tues 3pm-11pm (23-028)
• Wed/Thur/Fri 3p-11p, Sat 9a-5p, Sun 7a-3p (23-089)
• Tues-Sat 7a-3p (23-229)
• Tues/Wed/Thur/Sat 2p-10p, Fri 3p-11p (24-080)

DSP Part Time
• Fri 9a-3p, Sat 3p-11p, Sun 3p-9p (23-164)
• Sat/Sun 9a-3p, Mon 2p-10p (23-255)
• Fri/Sat 11p-9a (24-077) ***Internal Only

Dover, NY - DOVER
Administrative Counselor
• Wed/Fri 11a-9p, Thurs 1p-11p, Sat 9a-7p (23-219)

Poughkeepsie, NY - DWIGHT
Administrative Counselor
• Tue/Thur/Fri 1p-9p, Wed 7a-3p, Sat 8a-4p (23-250)

DSP Full Time
• Wed-Fri 3p-11p, Sat 3p-11p, Sun 1p-9p (22-108)
• Sat/Sun 7a-3p, Mon/Tues Wed 3p-11p (24-016)

DSP Part Time
• Sun/Mon 4p-11p, Tues 5p-11p (23-239)
• Sat/Sun 7a-3p and Wed 5p-9p (24-046)

Poughkeepsie, NY—INNIS APTS
• Tues/Wed/Fri 9a-5p, Thur 8a-4p, Sat 10a-6p (24-087) ***Internal Only

Poughkeepsie, NY - MIRON
DSP Full Time
• Sat - Wed 3pm-11pm (23-087)
• Fri 1p-9p, Sat 9a –5p,Sun 8a-4p, Mon/Tues 3p-11p(24-017)

DSP Part Time
• Thurs/Fri 11p-9a (22-252)
• Sun 11am-11pm, Mon 3pm-11pm (23-085)
• Sat 7a-7p, Sun 7a-3p (24-018)
• Sun/Mon 11p-9a (24-057)

Poughkeepsie, NY - MOREHOUSE
DSP Full Time
• Thurs/Sat/Sun 3p-11p, Fri/Mon 2p-10p (21-270)
• Tues-Fri 2p-10p, Sat 3p-11p (22-077)
• Wed-Sat 11p-9a (23-141)

Poughkeepsie, NY - OVERLOOK
DSP Full Time
• Wed-Sun 2p-10p (21-121)
• Wed 4p-11p, Thurs/Sat/Sun 3p-11p, Fri2p-11p (22-046)
• Tues-Sat 7a-3p (22-206 )
• Thur/Mon 2p-10p, Fri 3p-11p, Sat 1p-9p, Sun 7a-3p (23-133)

DSP Part Time
• Fri 2p-8p, Sat, 9a-3p, Sun 7a-3p (20-122)
• Mon-Fri 6:30a-10:30a (24-086) ***Internal Only

Poughkeepsie, NY - PLEASANT RIDGE
DSP Full Time
• Thurs-Mon 3p-11p (23-107)
• Tues-Sat 3p-11p (23-108)
• Sat/Sun 8a-6p, Mon/Tues 1p-11p (23-112)

DSP Part Time
• Fri/Sat 11p-9a (23-266)
• Mon-Fri 6:30a—10:30a (24-070)

Poughquag, NY - POUGHQUAG
DSP Full Time
• Sat-Wed 11p-7a(23-103)
• Wed-Sat 1pm-11pm (23-128)

DSP Part Time
• Thurs/Fri 4p-8p, Sat 9a-9p (23-125)
• Mon-Fri 6a-10a (23-126)
• Sun/Tues 4p-11p, Mon 3p-9p (24-064)

Poughkeepsie, NY - ROUND HILL
DSP Full Time
• Wed-Sat 11p-9a (24-067) Temporary

DSP Part Time
• Sun 8a-4p, Mon/Tues 6a-10a, Fri 7a-11a (23-225)

Stormville, NY - STORMVILLE
DSP Full time
• Fri 2-9:30p,Sat 1-9p, Sun 3-10:30p, Mon/Tue 2-10:30p (23-152)
• Sun 7a-3p, Mon-Thurs 6a-2p (24-075) ***Internal Only

Poughkeepsie, NY - THORNWOOD
DSP Part Time
• Sun/Mon 11p-9a (23-257)
• Sat 7p-11p & Sun /Thurs 5p-11 & Fri 5p-9p (23-258)

Pleasant Valley, NY - TYRREL ROAD
DSP (Medical Specialist) Full Time
• Sat - Wed 3p-11p (23-055)

DSP (Medical Specialist) Part Time
• Fri 3p-11p, Sat/Sun 12p-6p (23-242)

DSP (Medical Specialist) Full Time
• Sat-Wed 2p-10p (23-069)

DSP (Medical Specialist) Part Time
• Thurs 3pm-9pm, Fri 3pm-11pm, Sat 4pm-10pm (23-066)
• Sun/Mon 1p-9p, Fri 5p-9p (23-068)

Pleasant Valley, NY - DAY HAB WEST ROAD
DSP Day Hab Full Time
• Mon-Fri 8a-4p (23-166)

Pleasant Valley, NY - WEST ROAD IRA
DSP Day Hab Part Time
• Sun 10p-8a, Mon 11p-9a (23-094)

Pleasant Valley NY—WEST ROAD
Human Resources Coordinator (Recruitment)
• Mon-Fri 8:30a-5:00p (24-082)

• flexible days and hours (24-081)

• Mon-Fri 8:30a-5:00p flexible days and hours (24-051)

Job Opportunities at NHR Ulster County as of 05/17/2024

High Falls, NY – CANAL PATH
DSP Part Time
• Mon-Fri 6a-10a (24-076)

Clintondale, NY – CLINTONDALE
DSP Full Time
• Sat-Wed 1p-9p (23-016)
• Tues-Sat 3p-11p (23-200)

DSP Part Time
• Mon-Fri 6a-10a (22-068)

Wallkill, NY – DEER RUN
DSP Full Time
• Sat/Sun/Mon 7a-3p, Tues/Wed 3p-11p(21-183)
• Thurs-Mon 3p-11p (21-188)
• Tues-Sat 7a-3p (24-026)

DSP Part Time
• Sat/Sun 9a-7p (23-207)

Pine Bush, NY – JANSEN
Administrative Counselor
• Tue/Wed 1p-9p, Thurs/Fri9a-5p, Sat 7a-3p (24-060)

Dietitian (Per Diem)
• Flexible days and hours(24-062)

DSP Full Time
• Sat-Wed 3p-11p (23-160)
• Thurs 3p-11p, Fri 8a-8p, Sat/Sun 8a-6p (23-162)
• Sun-Thurs 7a-3p (23-248)
• Sat/Sun 7a-3p, Mon/Tue/Wed 3p-11p (23-047)

DSP Part Time
• Thur-Fri 11p-9a (22-190)

Kingston, NY—234 ELMENDORF
DSP Part Time
• Fri 3p-11p, Sat 9a-9p (24-078) ***Internal Only

Residence Coordinator
• Tues/Wed/Fri 8a-4p, Wed/Thurs 11a-7p (24-074)

DSP Part Time
• Fri/Sat 1p-11p (24-012)

Administrative Counselor
• Fri 7a-3p, Sat/Sun 8a-4p, Mon/Tues 6a-2p (23-158)

DSP Full Time
• Mon-Fri 6a-2p (24-073)

DSP Part Time
• Fri 10p-8a, Sat 8p-6a (23-037) ***14C
• Fri 7a-11a, Sat/Sun 7a-3p (24-023)
• Fri/Sat 10p-8a (24-079) ***Internal Only

Kerhonkson, NY – PINEWOOD
DSP Full Time
• Wed– Sun 3p-11p (23-241)
• Mon-Thurs 11p-9a (24-069)
• Fri/Sat 11p-9a (24-085) ***Internal Only

• Tues-Sat 11p-7a Flexibility required (24-083)

• Mon-Fri 8:30a-5:00p(Flexible-some evening hours) (24-054)

FLOAT Full Time
• Sat—Tues 1pm—11p (24-020)
• Wed-Sat 10p-8a (24-029)
• Thurs-Mon 7a-3p (24-032)
• Sat-Tue 10p-8a (24-040)
• Sun 9a-9p, Mon/Wed 2p-11p, Tue 1p-11p (24-041)
• Sat-Wed 7a-3p (24-044)

FLOAT Part Time
• Sat/Sun 10a-8p (24-050)
• Mon/Tues 1p-11p (24-030)
• Sat/Sun 9p-7a (24-031)
• Thurs/Fri 11p-9a (24-042)
• Fri 2p-11p,Sat 11a-10p (24-043)

MENTOR Full Time
• Sun/Mon/Tues/Thurs 11am-7pm and Wed 1pm-9pm flex (22-229)
• Tues 1pm-9pm, Wed-Sat 11am-7pm flex (22-249)
• Sun/Mon/Tues/Thurs 11am-7pm, Wed 1pm-9pm flex (22-250)

MENTOR Full Time
• Tues 1pm-9pm, Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat 11am-7pm flexible (22-230)

FLOAT Full Time
• Tues-Sat, 3pm-11p(24-033)
• Sat-Wed 7a-3p (24-036)
• Sun-Thurs 3p-11p (24-038
• Thur-Sun 1p-11p (24-039)

FLOAT Part Time
• Fri/Sat 11p-9a (24-028)
• Sun 9a-9p, Mon 7a-3p (24-034)
• Fri 2p-11p, Sat 10a-9p (24-035)
• Tue-Fri 2p-7p (24-037)

Responsibilities & Minimum Qualifications

Direct Support Professional (DSP)
Responsibilities include but are not limited to direct support, housekeeping, and other duties as specified in the Direct Support Professional’s job description. Minimum Qualifications: High School Diploma or GED. Valid driver’s license with a driving record acceptable to our insurance carrier as well as a Van Driver’s Certificate, Medication Administration Certifica-tion or the ability to obtain certification during probationary period and the ability to relate appropriately to individuals with DD.

Administrative Counselor
Responsibilities include but are not limited to work closely with the Residence Coordinator of the community residence, the External Care Coordinators for people with developmental disabilities, other team members to ensure that services are provided as identified and specified in the ISP and the Residential Habilitation Plan. Oversee the day to day operations in the absence of the Residence Coordinator. Minimum Qualifications: Creative, energetic and possess strong, effective leadership skills, strong communication. HSD or GED. Valid driver’s license with a record acceptable to our insurance carrier. Van Driver’s Certification, Medication Administration or the ability to obtain certification during the probationary period and the ability to build positive relationships with others.

Residence Coordinator
Responsibilities include but are not limited to supervising staff, preparing staff evaluations and staff schedules, completing earned income reports, monitoring and/or reviewing time sheets, completing incident reports, client fund requests, household expenditures, client trips, applications, fire drill reports, overseeing the implementation of in-house programming, participate in Treatment Team meetings, coordinating in-services, maintaining the physical integrity of the residence, conducting regular staff meetings and A.O.D. coverage. Minimum Qualifications: One year related experience including supervisory. Must be creative, energetic and possess strong, effective leadership skills. Valid driver’s license with a record acceptable to our insurance carrier. Experience supporting individuals with developmental disabilities.

Registered Nurse
The Registered Nurse is part of an interdisciplinary team of professionals in creating an atmosphere that provides for continuity of quality care and quality of life for the individuals served and for the coordination of all general and specialized medcal services required for the individuals. These services shall include but not be limited to hospitals, medical and dental services, clinics, and primary care physicians. Minimum Qualifications: Associate’s Degree in Nursing (BA preferred) with 2 years working clinical experience preferred. Experience in a Residential program helpful. Must possess a NYS RN license. Ability to relate appropriately to individuals with ID/DD, their families and their advocates. Driving record acceptable to our insurance carrier ability to obtain certification during probationary period and the ability to build positive relationships with others.

Job Opportunities at NHR as of 05/17/2024
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